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F-One Presents Empty Spaces

The F-One team gathers some of the most determined and talented riders today. Taking advantage of the high performance F-One gear, these guys ride hard and push their limits to new levels in each training session.

As you already know, the PKRA Red Sea Kitesurf World Cup is about to start and the world’s best riders are already gathering in Soma Bay, Egypt for this incredible event. Competing in each PKRA event takes passion and determination, as well as lots of training.

Well, the F-One Freestyle team trains hard and are ready to compete in the upcoming PKRA event. Robinson Hilario, Alex Soto and Louis Hutter have just visited Morocco for a spectacular training session. These three riders hit all the local hot spots Dakhla has to offer and it was all caught on tape.

You can check out how these elite train and how the Moroccan atmosphere seems to give them wings in the ‘Empty Spaces’ clip available below. Check it out. It’s packed with action!