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F-One Presents the Trust

The new Trust by F-One is designed especially for Freeride enthusiasts. The Trust aims to offer riders of all levels a kite with an intuitive feel, optimum relaunch, great stability and complete power control. It is a kite for all riders, a versatile and efficient freeride machine.

Key features of the new Trust are: smooth power development, easy control of speed, exceptional upwind performance, great stability, direct steer and chop absorption. Actually, stability and maneuverability are two of the key focus points during the development of the Trust. 

The kite is designed using a Delta C shape which combines the best of the C and Delta worlds and assures a quick and easy relaunch. The Trust features an auto relaunch option which can pop it back in the air in seconds. Leading-edge diameter tapers towards the wingtips, allow the kite to pivot on its wingtips.

Any rider will appreciate the consistent power and depower with smooth transitions without any twitching or jerking in the bar.

The F-One Trust works best when used with the Monolith Bar, a control bar which offers maximum efficiency and safety, carved from a single block of aluminum 6061 using a CNC design process.