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First JT Pro Center Opens on Union Island

Pro kitesurfer Jeremie Tronet explained that the first time he came to Union Island, he simply fell in love with the place. He said that it is now his kiting, surfing, and fishing playground. When you find something you like – a lot – you want to share it with friends. In Jeremie’s case those friends were Linn Svendsen and Nicolas Bascunana Dulac.

But that wasn’t enough. So Jeremie decided to team up with Linn and Nicolas and open the first JT Pro Center on Union Island, in the Grenadines archipelago, lower Caribbean. “Enjoying it all by myself and my friends wasn’t enough, this is why together with Linn Svendsen and my friends Nicolas Bascunana Dulac we created the first JT Pro Center, to allow everyone to come down and share the Caribbean lifestyle with us,” said Jeremie.

To learn more about the JT Pro Center, which by the way is located on Clifton Beach, 200 meters from the beach bungalow, visit the center’s official webpage here, like it on Facebook here, and follow it on Twitter here. You may also want to watch the official video teaser by clicking the thumbnail in the related videos section as well. Enjoy!