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Florian Daubos Kidnaps Jesse Richman in Latest Naish TV Episode

Another great episode has been released by equipment manufacturer Naish as part of Naish Kiteboarding TV season 2. The episode in question is called “Corsica Kidnapping” and it is the 4th episode of the season. It stars Florian Daubos and Jesse Richman, the Torch and Park kites, the Momentum, Money Shot, Alaia, Skater, and The Skate boards, and the Mission harness.

Episode 4, season 2, starts with Florian Daubos kidnapping Jesse Richman. Florian jumps out of a van, puts a bag over Jesse’s head, and chucks him in. Then he takes him over his shoulders and puts him in an airplane – the next thing we know the two are skydiving and they land on a beautiful beach in Corsica. I am not going to give anything else away, I am going to invite you to view the episode by yourself.

Click the image in the related videos section below to view “Corsica Kidnapping”, episode 4 of Naish Kiteboarding TV season 2. The three other episodes of the series are also listed in the related videos section. Enjoy!