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Florian Daubos Wakes Up in Paradise in Latest Naish TV Episode

When a night starts out with bottles of Heineken and shots of tequila, it usually ends with someone passing out on the couch or getting sick. Not for French rider Florian Daubos though. While other people wake up with a massive hangover after a night of drinking, he wakes up in paradise – kiteboarding paradise that is.

In episode 7 of Naish Kiteboarding TV season 2, after a nigh of drinking beer and doing shots of tequila, Florian Daubos wakes up in the San Blas archipelago, in the far southwest of the Caribbean Sea. At first seems like everything is going downhill for Florian. But then he finds some kiteboarding gear (the Torch kite, the Money Shot and Skater boards, and the Moto harness) and the fun begins.

Episode 7 of Naish Kiteboarding TV season 2 is entitled “Trippin' Back in Time.” It, alongside all the other episode released by Naish, as listed below in the related videos section. Enjoy!