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Flysurfer Introduces New Viron 6.0 Deluxe-Edition Kite

German kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Flysurfer announced today, the 3rd of February, that it added an new kite to its existing lineup. The new quite in question is the Viron 6.0 Deluxe-Edition. Riders who get this 6 square meters kite should be able to fly it (on land) in even the lightest of winds, even 6 knots.

It was the feedback from the riders that pushed Flysurfer to come up with the new Viron 6.0 Deluxe-Edition. The riders said that the Viron is a great teaching tool but there is one area that could see some improvement: its wind range. The riders asked that the Viron fly in almost no wind.

Flysurfer took heed to the riders and came up with the new Viron 6.0 Deluxe-Edition. It features the Deluxe Edition cloth, it is almost 550 grams lighter than the standard Viron, is more stable and has tighter and faster turning than the Standard edition. And of course, it has better low-wind flying characteristics, just like the riders demanded. You can use the Viron 6.0 Deluxe-Edition on land in winds as low as 6 knots and you can use it on the water in winds from 25 up to 35 knots.

The new Viron 6.0 Deluxe-Edition has been signed off officially, quality checked, and is now in stock and ready for delivery. The recommended retail price is of €799 (this includes the Viron Infinity control bar, lines and bag, and 19% sales tax).