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Forest Bakker Joins Wainman Hawaii

The guys at Wainman Hawaii are proud to welcome Forest Bakker to the team. Forest is the 2009 Junior World Champion. He hails from Tarifa and is addicted to kiteboarding since the age of 11. He is one of the rising stars on the pro kiteboarding scene and has a huge talent. And the Wainman officials are proud to have him aboard.

Forest is also stoked to be part or the Wainman family: “What I see in Wainman is a group of passionate people doing what they love, more than a brand is a philosophy. I couldn’t be happier joining a kickass brand, developing and innovating material for the love of kiteboarding. ”

Forest is currently competing in the PKRA Red Sea Cup, powered by Wainman’s ManiaC, a pure freestyle kite designed for the dedicated rider.

And his plans for 2014 are quite stunning, as he shares: “I’m on a comeback from my knee injury, I had two surgeries in one year time and my confidence is getting back. I feel good at the moment and I’m stoked to be a part of the movement, I want to keep my position in the top 12 so that next year I can start fresh without the need of qualifying. My main goals for 2014 are creating sick kite videos of my travels, I’m currently making a series of episodes called “Another Point of View”, next one will be out very soon so keep an eye on my social pages! ”