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Francisco Lufinha to Embark on a Challenging Kitesurfing Odyssey

Portuguese rider Francisco Lufinha is well known for his determination and powerful skills. He has completed many dangerous challenges over the years and is now ready for one more. He will try to complete a 1000-kilometer (539 nautical miles) kitesurfing challenge between Lisbon to Madeira Island.

The journey is expected to last from 36 to 43 hours, and if successful, Francisco will become the first rider to connect the Portuguese capital to the Madeira archipelago on a kite board, but he will also break his own world record of the longest non-stop kite journey.

This incredible adventure is set to take place between June and July, depending on the weather forecast. However, Francisco will have to face strong winds, big swells, floating debris and other difficulties when crossing the stormy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Francisco trains hard for the upcoming challenge and hopes to emerge victorious: “All the physical and psychological training do not seem enough; I've been giving my best to overcome the difficulties and to achieve my goal of connecting Portugal in kitesurfing. I've been working very hard, and my team has also been giving its best.”

Here’s a little teaser of what’s to come. Enjoy!