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Francisco Lufinha Establishes New Kitesurfing World Record

These are the days when new kiteboarding world records are set. After Sir Richard Branson together with the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada of 318 kitesurfers broke the World Record for the largest number of kitesurfers to complete a one-mile course, Portuguese kitesurfer Francisco Lufinha set on another breathtaking journey: the MINI Kitesurf Odyssey,

He managed to set a new Guinness World Record for the longest kiteboarding journey, after sailing for 307.5 nautical miles along the Portuguese coastline. Francisco departed from the city of Porto on the 17th of September at 14:30 hours and arrived in Lagos, in the Algarve, on the 18th September, at 20:34.

The courageous rider sailed past Aveiro at 17:00 and Nazaré at 20:00 in the first day of his journey. He broke the record on the morning of the next day, by riding more than 199 nautical miles, 20 hours after leaving the Douro Marina. Francisco was supported in his journey by MINI. His journey was completed without any stops.

The previous record for the longest kiteboarding journey was of 199.63 nautical miles (369.71 kilometers) and it was established by Phillip McCoy Midler, who travelled from South Padre Island, Texas to Matagorda, Texas, USA.