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Francisco Lufinha Sets New World Record

A couple of days ago, Francisco Lufinha embarked on the MINI Kitesurf Odyssey, with the aim to break the world record of “the longest distance kitesurfing without stops”. The journey on which he set was not an easy one, as he had to face challenging weather conditions, strong winds and big swell, while riding from Lisbon to Madeira.

The Portuguese rider could not complete the 1000-kilometer (539 nautical miles) kite cross but he sailed 874 kilometers (472 nautical miles) and set a new world record for the largest non-stop kite trip. Nearly 48 hours after leaving mainland Portugal, Lufinha felt it was time to stop, after facing several difficulties on water.

This is an awesome achievement, but we are sure that Francisco will not stop here and will seek new challenges soon.