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Freeride Project 2 – Cape Town Madness

Started in 2011, the Freeride Project was a huge success. Initiated by the UK Crew, it showcases the thrill and beauty of kitesurfing world, hitting the spotlight on four amazing riders: Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court, Sam Light, and James Boulding.

Well, the Freeride Project 2 is even more thrilling and appealing for kitesurfing fans. It follows the adventures of the same four elite riders across the world, as they search for the ultimate kiteboarding spot, compete in world class events and have fun during the year of 2013. 

As Tom Court puts it, the Freeride 2 project is a movie that they made as they traveled around the world kiteboarding and it follows their lives. And the first stop of their flick is Cape Town, South Africa. You can check out how Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court, Sam Light, and James Boulding explore the African beauty of Cape Town and shred the African waters in the Cape Town section of the Freeride Project 2 movie below.