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Fun Kiteboarding Short Movie Released by Kitespotters

Kitespotters, South Africa’s comprehensive official kitespot guide, has recently released a rather amusing short kiteboarding video entitled “Colonel Caveman and The Flying Dutchman”. The video, which you can view right here on Epikoo by clicking the image in the related videos section below, presents an army colonel and his quest to find the legendary Flying Dutchman. The Colonel is aided by three top ranked kitesurfes.

“In 1680 a Dutch Captain sailing his ship, the Flying Dutchman around Cape Point ignored the notorious Cape of Storms, sending his ship and crew to the ocean bottom,” says the introduction at the start of the video. “Legend has it that for his sins he forms a white table cloth over Table Mountain to watch over passing ships. Others say they have seen his ghost…” the introduction goes on.

So if you want to find out what happens to Colonel Caveman and the kitesurfers who help him find the Flying Dutchman, if you want to check out a short movie that has a South African slaptstick humor theme and is meant to promote tourism and kitesurfing in Cape Town in a unique and amusing way, go ahead and click the image to the left in the related videos section below.

There’s a second image in the related vides section below – it’s another video that’s meant to put a smile on your face. And more to the point, it is Tom Court’s “Lego Man Shedding Waves”, a video that presents a Lego man “getting barreled, busting airs and surfing a right hand towel reef that was breaking in the corner of my bathroom,” as Tom Court put it.