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Get Ready for the Freeride Project 3

Yes, the third installment of the Freeride Project will soon hit the web. Tom Court and friends are back in the FRP 3, ready to showcase their cool adventure in this action packed flick.

The movie will have something for everyone, as Tom says: “Its been a while since my last movie, however it has been on my mind to make another one for the last year. As I started my #courtintheact series, filming each month of my year as I travel, Kiteboard, surf and film, this movie is a collection of clips that I managed to film on the best trips from 2015.”

The Freeride Project 3 will take us all the way to South Africa, Grenadines, Cape Hatteras, Indonesia and Brazil in a 30min shred fest. So get ready to make a brew, sit down and get your fix of FRP action as is comes to you later this week!

Until the movie hits the web, check out the trailer below.