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Get Ready for the Hood Jam 2016

Formerly known as the Hood River Slider Jam, the Hood Jam is a kiteboarding contest specifically focused on sliders and kickers.

The event is organized by The Slider Project, a community organization dedicated to growing the sport of Kiteboarding by creating the largest free standing kite park in the world.

The contest is one of a kind and some of the best riders in the world attend it. Pre-qualified riders for this year’s event are: Brandon Scheid, Sam Light, Sam Medysky, Craig Cunningham,Aymmeric Martin, Blaine Baker, Colleen Carrol, Drew Christianson, Rich Sabo, Brendan Kerr, Lindsay McClure and Alex Fox.

The 2016 Hood Jam will take place August 5th-12th, 2016. Check out the announcement in the clip below.