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Gisela and Paula – Like 2 Drops of Water

Gisela Pulido and Paula Novotná share the same burning passion for kitesurfing. The two of them are accomplished athletes, regulars on the international pro scene. Gisela is a 9X world champ and Paula is the European champ.

Gisela Pulido is on the Best Kiteboarding team and Paula Novotná rides for North Kiteboarding, but the two of them are very good friends. Those two girls spend a lot of time together traveling during the year and wanted to show the world what it takes to be on the top and how they train to stay strong and fit.

That is why they shot the ‘Like two drops of water’ clip in Brazil. Brazil is one of the best places to train with steady wind, warm weather and flat lagoons, a place where they can unleash their awesome skills. The movie is filmed and edited by Andre Magarao and it’s packed with action. Check it out below.