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Hannah Whiteley and Wainman, a Winning Combination

As you may remember, kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Wainman Hawaii signed British kiteboarding princess Hannah Whiteley earlier this year. What do you get when you combine Hannah's awesome skills with the top quality gear that Wainman has to offer? You get a winning combination, that’s what you get!

Hannah proved it by taking first place in round two of the British Freestyle Kitesurfing Championships; second place went to Holly Kennedy who said she will push harder next time and try to come in first. As you can imagine, Wainman was pretty stoked about this and so was Hannah. In her own words: “It's always good to get a win under your belt at the start of the championships and I'm now looking forward to round three which will be held in North Wales.”

Round two was held in Barrow, from the 27th until the 29th of May. Round three will be held in North Wales from the 24th until the 26th of June.