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Hannah Whiteley Happy to Be Part of the Wainman Team

Kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Wainman Hawaii kicked off 2011 with the news that British kiteboarding queen Hannah Whiteley has joined its team. Hannah will now ride using Wainman Hawaii kites and boards. Hannah described the kites as being  very stable and quite smooth, ideally suited for freestyle, and with plenty of power for unhooked tricks. She described the boards as forgiving when landing hard and with plenty of pop when you need it.

Hannah said she’s always been a big fan of Lou Wainman and joining the Wainman Hawaii team is a big honor. “I’m stoked with it,” said Hannah referring to how good Wainman Hawaii gear is.

If you would like to learn more about Hannah Whiteley, you can check out her profile right here on Epikoo by clicking here.