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Help the CKA Establish a Scholarship Fund

The CKA - Collegiate Kiteboarding Association was founded back in 2003 as a registered non-profit organization with the aim to provide a competitive US tour for college-age riders, provide funds for rider development, and increase awareness and access to the kiteboarding nationally.

The CKA is the organizer or the Collegiate Kite Series, a competition in which talented riders from all over the US can showcase their skills and progress to new professional levels. The CKA aims to turn every rider into a champ and it represents a launching pod towards more prestigious events, such as the PKRA World Tour.

The guys at the CKA announced the launch of their Scholarship campaign on StartSomeGood just a few days ago. Through this campaign they aim to help with competitions on the West coast and to get riders to Nationals, as well as to help pay for kiter’s college tuition fees.

One of the renowned riders who support the CKA is none other than Alex Fox. You can support their cause too and help the development of kiteboarding in the future. Just visit the CKA website and help the guys turn their dreams into reality.