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How It Feels to Be a World Champ: Interview with Alex Pastor

Alex Pastor needs no further introduction. Hailing from Malaga, Spain, he always had a passion for the ocean. He was introduced to water sports at an early age, when he started windsurfing with his dad. Soon after he discovered kiteboaridng and knew that it was his destiny. 

In 2006 he joined the PKRA and started his pro career. Although his first results were not that great, Alex continued training and polishing his skills, competing alongside the world’s best. His determination paid off. Today he is one of the most skilled riders in the world and he rides for Airush, one of the most prestigious kiteboarding brands. . He won the PKRA vice champ title three times and this year he received the ultimate reward: he became the number one freestyler in the world, claiming the 2013 PKRA world champion.

Bas Koole from The Bank Media caught up with Alex for a quick interview just moments after he find out he became the 2013 champ. You can check it out below and find out exactly how a world champ feels after claiming the supreme title. It is just a brief clip, but the full video recap will follow soon.