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Hydrofoil Sensations with Damien LeRoy and Melissa Gil

The hydrofoil board is a kitesurf directional with a hydrofoil attached in the fin area. The hydrofoil is basically a wing which extends into the water. It provides speed and lift when the board reaches a certain speed, giving you a sensation of flight on the water.

Many riders turned to foilboarding over the past seasons, in search of the ultimate thrill. And IKA has also recognized foilboarding as a standalone discipline too and has initiated the KiteFoil Gold Cup this season.

Pro riders Damien LeRoy and Melissa Gil are just two of the renowned athletes who take foilboardig seriously and train to master this discipline. And they travelled all the way to the Cayman Islands to show us how it feels to ride a hydrofoil board with a kite in crystal clear waters.

They put together a cool little edit shot with a GoPro Hero 3+ camera, which you can check out below. It’s fun and packed with action. Enjoy!