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IKA's 'Win a Taboo Competition' Reminder

Here is a reminder that you could win one of the best light wind and race kites money can buy, mainly a 17m Taboo kite from equipment manufacturer Best Kiteboarding. All you have to do have the chance of winning the kite is to “like” the Facebook page of the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and the Facebook page of Best Kiteboarding. Once the IKA get 5,000 fans, it will pick a winner for the Taboo kite.

Here’s the best part: if you’re reading this and you’re thinking to yourself “man, I already liked their Facebook pages”, then you need to know that the IKA will pick a winner out of all its Facebook fans. So if you already liked IKA’s Facebook page, tell your friends about the competition, get others to like the page and help the IKA get 5,000 fans. At the time of writing this the IKA has little over 4,300 fans. Help get that number up to 5,000 and you could win a 17m Taboo kite.

As a little sidenote, the IKA said that it will give out other (smaller) prizes on top of the Taboo kite. The thing is that it did not specify what those smaller prizes are.

I began this article with the words “here is a reminder”. People keeping track of these things will remember I first reported on this topic back in March 2011. It’s close to a year now and the IKA still hasn’t reached the 5,000 fans target it is aiming for. There are still some 600 likes needed.