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Important PKRA Tour Updates

Just weeks away from the first tour stop of 2012, the PKRA gears up for what is sure to be a phenomenal entrance into this year’s action packed season. Beginning in Morocco, moving on to France, and eventually arriving in Mexico, the PKRA will take advantage of the most stellar riding conditions in order to showcase the full abilities of each and every competitor.  Several changes to the schedule also reflect the latest updates to take note of for the 2012 PKRA season.

With a moonscape setting and a distinctive flat-water lagoon, Dakhla will satiate every competitor’s desire to ride pristine flat water in a mysteriously desolate and isolated location. In 2011, Dakhla provided the riders with strong winds and challenging conditions, and as this year’s inaugural stop, the first stop will surely set the scene for great things to come.

Next up on tour at the Mondial Du Vent event in Leucate, France, competitors will once again welcome the intimate setting where onlookers and riders get closer than ever. As one of the most legendary and long held tour stops of the PKRA, this visit will provide no less than a spectacular all around competitive experience for everyone involved.

The third tour location, which is fast becoming one of the most anticipated racing spots of the year, will take competitors to the warm waters within the Gulf of Mexico. After the success of the last year’s Riviera Maya tour stop, the PKRA has officially confirmed the racing competition in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Also featuring a freestyle exhibition with Alberto Rondino and Sebastian Garat, the 2012 visit promises to dish out the world’s best in racing and freestyle action.  Notably, the competitive freestyle portion of this tour stop has been cancelled.

Also, pertaining to the most recent tour updates, several stops have been removed from the 2012 PKRA World Tour, including Brazil and Australia. For those looking forward to competition in these areas, the PKRA will likely explore such options for the 2013 tour season, as they represent great opportunities for prime riding conditions. With the removal of these two events, several other locations are currently in negotiation to be added to the tour, which will be announced prior to the start of the tour in Dakhla.