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inMotion Kitesurfing Presents Top 10 Kitesurfing Products for 2012

The guys at inMotion Kitesurfing have made up a list of the Top 10 Kitesurfing Products for 2012 for all kiteboarding fans out there, and especially for those who could not attend the 2011 Surf Expo. Let’s see what the top 10 kitesurfing products of this year look like, as the season closes to an end.

Slingshot Joint Binding – this piece of gear makes your transition from traditional strap binding to full wake board style much easier. It gives you that secure lock down feel while still enabling you to eject and kick out. It transforms your board into a new machine.

North Skimfish – a board which transforms lightwind days in fun action instantly. It is easy to ride, agile and precise. It features a hydrodynamic shape, rounded nose and hips and a fish-like tail.

Wainman Mr. Green 7.5 Kite – one of the most versatile kites on the Wainman Rabbit Gang.

Litewave Lace-up Sandal Binding – this is a girl-friendly binding which securely hugs the feet of the rider. Kite Repair Kits – an affordable repair kit to assure a long life cycle for any kite.

Flysurfer Speed 3 Light Wind Kite – it is a kite that laughs at light winds. It assures a cool ride in virtually no wind at all.

Jimmy Lewis Fly Weight SUP – the perfect choice for kids. It runs absolutely fantastic in waves and on flat waters.

Liquid Force Twin Skim Board – a fantastic skim/wake skate board. It makes your ride twice as fun.

Lavacore Thermal Protection – stylish and comfortable polytherm suit that keeps you warm at all times.

Cabrinha QuickLink Bar – it is the ultimate control system designed for all kiteboarding enthusiasts.

These are the hottest product for this year, but we wait for the guys at inMotion Kitesurfing to come up with the top 10 products list for the 2013 season soon.