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The International Federation of Kitesports Organization Agenda Is a No Go with World Sailing

The International Federation of Kitesports Organization (IFKO) was founded last year, as kiteboarding seemed to face troubled times. The aim of this new organization is to represent national governing kite sports bodies, as well as all kite riders from across the world. IFKO also aims to be recognized by the Olympic Committee.

However, World Sailing (formerly known as the ISAF) officials do not approve the new organization’s agenda and Andy Hunt, World Sailing CEO, has requested IFKO to stop publishing any info which relates the IFKA with the Olympic Committee and sets plans for the sport of kiteboarding.

Mirco Babini, president of IKA, supports the World Sailing decision: “IFKO is not currently a member of SportAccord and, therefore, has no formal recognition. A prerequisite for membership is that the applicant's sport is different from any sport that is governed by a current SportAccord member. […]World Sailing is a current SportAccord member. It is, therefore, unlikely that IFKO will be granted membership and World Sailing is currently waiting for confirmation of this by SportAccord. We regret that IFKO does not comply with worldwide recognized principles for the recognition of International Federations.”

Moreover, IKA notes that World Sailing has not approved the use of the expressions "World Cup," "World Championship," and even the word "World" by IFKO and Athletes who join the IFKO events will not be allowed to compete in World Sailing and IKA events.