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International Federation of Kitesports Organizations – A New Body to Represent Kite Riders

The International Federation of Kitesports Organizations, IFKO, was created to provide services to develop and protect the interests of Athletes, Practitioners and their Organizations: the National Associations (that will become now "Federations") and the International Organizations of Kitesports.

Some of the objectives of this new organization are:

- To develop and to promote the practice of Kitesports throughout the world for all categories of the population regardless of race, religion, gender, physical ability or political affiliation
- To establish, supervise, interpret and amend the rules regulating the practice of Kitesports, to adjudicate disputes and take any appropriate disciplinary action
- To act as the supervising organization for the sport of Kitesports, to grant and withdraw IFKO status to or from disciplines of Kitesports and to prescribe the relevant rules and measurement procedures
- To coordinate, protect and represent the common interests of any Member of the IFKO
- To collaborate with organizations having as their objective the promotion of Kiteboard on a world-wide basis
- To organize IFKO events, to supervise events organized by its Members and to participate in the organization of Competition events

The IFKO will operate the following disciplines: Kitesurf, Landkite and Snowkite. It acts like an international axis to unite the sports and provide riders and organizations with support and  access to evolution.