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Jalou Langeree's New Website, Kevin Langeree's SUP Session in France

Here’s a quick update from talented kiteboarders Jalou and Kevin Langeree. Starting with Jalou, the news is that the 6-time Dutch Champion has a brand new website. You can find various images and videos on the website, check out Jalou’s bio or check where she is on a map, and a host of other useful goodies. Visit her brand new website at

Taking the spotlight off  Jalou Langeree and putting it on her brother Kevin Langeree, one of the most talented kiteboarders of his generation, the news is that Kevin released a video of him SUPing in France. Here’s what Kevin had to say about the video:

“A little more than a week ago I went on a surf trip with a couple of friends. Glassy, fun size and offshore wind was the perfect ingredient for beautiful waves. We really scored!! This is the result of the trip enjoy watching!”

You can watch the video by clicking the thumbnail in the related videos section below. Enjoy!