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Jesse Richman Joins Ride Engine

Ride Engine is a new, yet ambitious kiteboarding brand. Founded by Coleman Buckley back in 2012, the company is focused on designing and crafting top performance harnesses, wetsuits and accessories. It is a brand driven by the aim of challenging the status quo and setting themselves apart from the standards set by the industry.

And the guys at Ride Engine are proud to welcome Jesse Richman on their team as pro rider. Jesse needs no introduction, as he is one of the most progressive and talented riders today. Over the years, Jesse proved his passion for the sport by winning prestigious contests, such as the Red Bull King of the Air, KPWT tour and others.

Jesse is also stoke to be part of the Ride Engine team: “Kiteboarding is my passion. It’s where I feel at home. It’s what comes natural to me and it’s what I’m driven to do and to push my limits with. One thing that gives me a lot of satisfaction in kiting is sharing it with friends and awesome people. Seeing the stoke that everyone gets from this sport is amazing. So, being a part of the innovative Ride Engine team and giving input into design is so cool for me.”