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Johnny Heineken Is the 2012 US Sailing Yachtsman of the Year

Johnny Heineken’s performance on the competitive kiteboarding scene recommends him as a talented, determined and skilled rider. His performances during 2012 brought him the 2012 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year award.

Johnny has proven his skills in the Kiteboarding Course Racing World Championship in Cagliari, Italy, where he topped 148 competitors to claim the world title for a second consecutive year, in the Kiteboarding North American Course Racing Championship in San Francisco, in the Pacific Pilsner Canadian Kiteboard Course Racing Nationals in Squamish, Canada, as well as by claiming victories in PKRA Mexico, PKRA Burn Kiteboarding World Tour, Copa Mexico Regatta and other prestigious events.

The 2012 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year awards gathered elite riders, but Johnny proved to be the one with the best performances. He stated: “To even be mentioned in connection with this award is an honor; so many of my role models are on the list of recipients. But it’s also exciting that kiting has been accepted into the world of yachting. It’s pretty amazing how far the class has come in the last five years and exciting for me to be involved in the development of that.”

The 2012 Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year award was received by Jennifer French, the 2012 Paralympic Silver Medalist in the SKUD-18 class.