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Julien Verglas Tests the 2k13 Cabrinha Switchblade

Julien Verglas is one of the most talented Cabrinha team riders. Born in 1994, the young rider resides in New York. He is extremely determined and the cold East Coast weather can’t really keep him away from the water.

Julien hit the water to test the 2013 Cabrinha Switchblade’s lift and hangtime at Napeague Bay, New York the other day. And it was an intense session with lots of thrilling moments.

The Switchblade is Cabrinha’s premier wakestyle kite. Featuring a modernized design, the Switchblade offers exceptional turning speed, park and ride ability, relaunch, hangtime a stable and direct feel and more. It has pitch perfect balance when riding unhooked and a light bar pressure when riding hooked in.

But you’d better check the Switchblades performance and Julien Verglas’ skills as the young Cabrinha rider kiteboards the Hamptons, NY, in the related videos section below.