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Juuso Tilaéus Sets New World Record

Juuso Tilaéus is one tough Finnish kiteboarder. He loves the sport and he loves a challenge. That is why he accepted DNA’s 100 minutes dare to kiteboard across the Gulf of Finland as fast as he can. Riding in the cold waters over an 80 kilometers course is no easy task by all means, but Juuso did not back down.

The Gulf of Finland is the easternmost arm of the Baltic Sea and extends between Finland (to the north) and Estonia (to the south) all the way to Saint Petersburg in Russia. It is the home of some quite unfriendly waters and winds.

However, Juuso Tilaéus did not fear the unfriendly waters of the gulf and crossed it in 120 minutes and 26 seconds, setting a new world record. It was a tough task, as Juuso had to struggle with muscle cramps, unfriendly winds and waves, but still managed to complete it.

You can check out his awesome adventure in the clip below. It is packed with action and showcases an incredible journey.