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Kai Lenny Challenges ORACLE Team USA

Kai Lenny just signed up for what we all might think is an uneven, if not crazy challenge. The challenge was whether kite board champion Kai Lenny can outrace the new 72-foot catamaran of ORACLE TEAM USA. Well, the Hawaiian waterman did not back down and brought his $1500 kiteboard setup at the start line, to face ORACLE TEAM USA's $15 million AC72 catamaran. "It's like bringing a knife to a gun fight," said ORACLE TEAM USA grinder Matt Mitchell.

So, Kai lined up with the catamaran and Team USA in the waters of San Francisco Bay, the same course that will host the 34th America's Cup in September and engaged in a bridge-to-bridge battle between the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge.

Kai Lenny got a significant jump out of the starting gate, launching his kite and harnessing the power of the winds to propel himself at 20 knots across the water (23 mph). This caught ORACLE TEAM USA off guard at first, before they found their rhythm and cranked it up to 30 knots (34 mph) to blow by the kite board.

It was an amazing challenge, interesting both for Kai and TEAM USA. At the end, Jimmy Spithill, the skipper of ORACLE TEAM USA said: "He got a really good start, so we just put the hammer down." You can check out Kai’s crazy adventure in the related videos section below.