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Kai Lenny Kitesurfs Business Style

We all know that Kai Lenny is a great waterman and a rider of many challenges. Well, in his latest flick, he decided to swap the neoprene wetsuit for a cool and stylish business suit. A J.Crew men's suit, to be more precise. He took out the suit for a ride in the waters of Paia, his hometown.

This new challenge is part of an 8-episode film series about one of the best watermen out there, brought to you by GQ Magazine.

Here are Kai’s thoughts about this new experience: “It's going to be interesting. I think the feeling you get from wearing a suit is very empowering already, so when you're riding, who knows? It might just be a secret weapon. […]I've never wore a suit while kiteboarding, windsurfing or any sort of water sport.”

Well, for his first attempt to kitesurf in a business suit, Kai did a great job. You can check it all out in the clip below.