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Keahi De Aboitiz Featured on the Cover of SBC Kiteboard Magazine

Keahi De Aboitiz describes himself as a new generation of watermen. A type of waterman that is able to take water sports to a new dimension. And we agree with him. He is a pro kiteboarder and stand up paddleboarder that has proven his skills and talent on numerous occasions.

No wonder that he is featured on the cover of the first issue of 2013 SBC Kiteboard. And the cover is awesome, just like the content of the magazine. The photo is shot somewhere in Indonesia by Jason Wolcott. A quick word from Jason: “There are times, as a photographer, where you force yourself to shoot just one more wave. On this particular day, the wind was playing games with us, at times dropping to the point that Keahi de Aboitiz had to body-drag upwind in hopes of another 15 minutes worth of wind, timed perfectly with a set on a fading swell. My skin was wrinkled far beyond my years, my eyes were fried by the salt and blinding equatorial sun, and my skin scorched as my sunblock had long since washed off. But if Keahi was willing to body-drag waiting for a puff, then I could surely stay neck-deep for a few minutes more. Everything came together as a set started to march down the reef, timed with a nice 16-knot pulse. Keahi did the rest, pulling into one of the best kitesurfing barrels I have had the pleasure to capture.”

SBC Kiteboard magazine is one of the most prestigious publications dedicated to kiteboarding world and industry and has just hit the mail, newsstands and kite shops across the USA and Canada. In this issue you will find reviews about the hottest new kites and boards, break the ice in Alaska with Robby Naish, find out important info about the Maui Kite Jam, rip the West Coast Bear Karry style, and much, much more.