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Kevin Langeree Is All Better Now and Back on the Water

If all you know about Kevin Langeree is that he is one of the most talented riders of his generation, then you need to know that the pro Naish-sponsored rider underwent knee surgery and spend a grand total of 8 moths in rehab. The surgery kept Kevin out of the water for 8 months, which must have been a very unpleasant experience for him.

Earlier this month Kevin announced that he is all better and he is finally able to go out and have some kiteboarding fun out on the open water. Kevin said that he is “super stoked to be back again” and that “whoop whoop that feels good.” It’s understandable that he’s so excited; he hasn’t been out on the water since August last year.

Kevin recounts his first day on the water in 8 months:
“It was a good day to start...the wind was perfect for my 12m. But before I went on the water, I had to take all the dust off my gear cause I hadn’t used it for 8 months. Before I went out, I thought it would feel really weird, but when I jumped on my board it felt like the last time I kited was last week. The smile on my face got bigger and bigger, the sun started shining and a couple of friends came out what a great session!”