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Kite Dreams – Beach Babes and Huge Airs

Kiteboarding is all about thrill and action. Nothing compares to driving your kite at full power on the seas and oceans and performing astonishing tricks that leave the people on the beach speechless. But it is also about having fun and leaving your life at maximum potential.

At least, this is what the guys at  X-Treme show us in their latest video, entitled ‘Kite Dreams – Beach Babes and Huge Airs’. As the name of the clip suggest, the clip is a celebration of kiteboarding adventure and beach life. It showcases the thrill and beauty of kiteboarding, as the guys in the clip shred the waves and afterwards throw a great beach party by the campfire.

As they say, ‘who needs a storyline when you have beach babes and huge airs?’ Check out the clip in the related videos section below and find out why.