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Kite Rescue and Pack Down Guide by the ISAF

If you are a seasoned kiteboarder, the kite rescue and pack techniques are well known to you. However if you are in your early days of kiteboarding and don’t hang much with the pros, a guide to learn these techniques might come in handy. This is what the guys at the International Sailing Federation have thought too. And that’s why they released a video version of the Kite Rescue and Pack Guide. You can check it out in the related videos section below.

However, if you need it in printing format, you can find it next, thanks to

The basics of self rescue:
1. Release the bar and the chicken loop
2. Retrieve the bar hand over hand along the safety line
3. Secure the leash line onto the bar completely before winding in the rest of the lines
4. Wrap all the lines onto the bar; secure the trim lines first before the main flying lines
5. Pull the bar back like a fishing rod to make wrapping the line easier
6. Once at the kite, hold onto it; secure the lines using the bar bungees
7. Pull yourself to the wingtip
8. Flip the kite over using your shoulder nearest the center of the kite, whilst sinking the wingtip with the other hand
9. Grab the top front line and tension as you lay onto the leading edge
10. Relax and make yourself comfortable as you sail across the wind

The basics of packing your kiteboarding gear while in water:
1. Deflate the leading edge
2. Make your way to the opposing wingtip
3. Begin rolling up the kite towards the dump valve
4. Make sure all the lines are wrapped up inside the canopy
5. Plug in the dump valve, as soon as you reach it to stop water getting in
6. Secure the kite with your harness or leash to stop it from unrolling
7. Pass the kite leading edge first to your helper to allow the water to drain out