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Kiteboarding Battle of Trafalgar Won by...

The Red Bull Batalla de Trafalgar, the kiteboarding equivalent of the Battle of Trafalgar, has come to and end. The news is that the Spanish kiteboarding team has rewritten history and won the battle. The original battle was won by the British.

As a little reminder, the real Battle of Trafalgar was a sea battle between the British Royal Navy and the combined forces of the French and Spanish Navy. The British won; it was the most decisive British naval victory of the Napoleonic wars.

Lets get back to the topic at hand now. As I was saying, the Spanish team won led by Gisela Pulido the Red Bull Batalla de Trafalgar. The French team lead by Mallory de la Villemarque came in second, while the British team, lead by Aaron Hadlow, came in third. The British may have won the real battle, but the Spanish won the Red Bull-sponsored racing and freestyle kiteboarding event.