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Kiteboarding Tricktionary – Twintip Supreme Edition Now Available

Kiteboarding Tricktionary - Twintip Supreme Edition is a book compiled and published by Michael Rossmeier, a dedicated extreme athlete with an extensive experience in water sports. Michael started his career as a windsurfer but discovered kiteboarding on the way and felt in love with the sport.

After compiling a successful Tricktionary series in windsurfing, he put together the Kiteboarding Tricktionary, with the help of Julian Hosp and Thomas Burblies. Together, they planned, designed and wrote this amazing guide.

The book weights 1.8 kilograms; it has 424 pages and contains more than 500 high quality photographs. It is a very well put together guide, accessible to riders of all ages and levels of experience. The book covers all aspects of kiteboarding, from weather, equipment, safety to Freestyle's new and old school maneuvers, extreme tricks and more.

Kevin and Jalou Langeree, Cesar Portas, Sebastian Garat, Youri Zoon, and Alberto Rondina are just a few of today’s elite riders who contributed to the book.