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Kitemanera Bonaire: Fun on the Water with Kites and Costumes

Kitemanera is a cool little kiteboarding contest that spiced up the waters of Bonaire a while ago. In fact it is not the usual type of contest. Riders compete in racing and freestyle disciplines, while wearing cool outfits. Every rider wears a costume that makes him stand out of the crowd when competing.

It’s not Halloween yet, but all of the participants have fun in costumes out on the water, while showcasing their skills in front of the audience. You can check it all out in the clip below, posted by Christiaan Zweers, one of the judges.

A quick word from Christiaan: “Ever heard of a contest where you have to wear a costume and race?
Probably yes, but never like this before. Contestants come dressed up in cool costumes and do kiteraces and kite freestyle. This is Kitemanera 2014.”