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Lasse Walker Is the 2015 Red Bull Megaloop Challenge Champ

The 2015 Red Bull Megaloop Challenge gathered an impressive array of 16 internationally acclaimed riders. Each of them was very determined and pushed their skills to new levels during the competition. At The Spot in Zandvoort, they went on the water to perform the most spectacular jumps.

And twenty year old Dutchman Lasse Walker proved to be the most daring one of them. He made the best megaloop and convinced the four-piece jury to crown him the winner. He was followed by Kevin de Smidt, Willem van der Meij and Linus Erdmann.

When awarding the trophy, Ruben Lenten, who was part of the organization committee and judge, said: “The judges were unanimous that Lasse was the best one today. He went more vertical, horizontal and radical. On all criteria Lasse was the best one.”

And Lasse added: “I knew when I got here today, that I was going to win. Nah, just kidding. But I was in great shape and knew that I have done everything in my power to compete for the title. That I won is a dream coming true. Two years ago, I qualified for the first time, which already was great! But winning is even better. My next goal is to participate and win Red Bull King of the Air and off course to maintain this title.”