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Lewis Crathern Starts Recovering after the Red Bull KOTA Crash

As you already know British kiteboarder Lewis Crathern suffered a serious injury at the Red Bull King of the Air, while performing a massive kiteloop. He crashed from nearly 20 meters, this accident putting him in real danger.

The rider was rushed to the hospital, where doctors put him in a medically induced coma due to the fact he had problems breathing. Fortunately, Lewis’ condition has improved significantly and he is out of the induced coma. Doctors expect he will make a full recovery in the upcoming weeks.

A quick word from Lewis to his fans and friends, after starting his recovery: “Overwhelmed by all the positivity in my crash at KOTA. For those interested, I went for the first double mega loop... Late flip! I'll get it one day. Thanks for all your kind messages. They really keep me going!”