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Liam Whaley and Bruna Kajiya Win Mondial du Vent 2017

Now that the World Kiteboarding League (WKL) is firmly established as the official freestyle and big air world tour, all the attention is focused on the riders and their outstanding performances.

The 2017 WKL season has a full-on calendar with no less than 12 stops in some of the best and most windy kiteboarding spots in the world. That's more than the World Surf League (WSL).

Once again, Leucate delivered its goods, and the iconic event crowned its champions.

On the women's freestyle final, the 2016 world champion was able to defeat Annabel Van Westerop after landing a spectacular s-mobe, s-bend to blind, and back to blind.

"I'm delighted with my win here. I absolutely love what I do! I think the level of the girls is extremely high," said Bruna Kajiya.

"It's been a challenging event, also because of the wind conditions, but this just makes the victory more worthwhile for me. I'm so happy to have so many talented girls with me in this final."

A large crowd greeted finalists Carlos Mario, Liam Whaley, Set Teixeira, and Stefan Spiessberger for the men's showdown. La Franqui proved to be the perfect spot for an adrenaline-pumped clash of the titans.

Mario stole the first-ever 10 scored in a WKL event, but Whaley's massive tricks such as a slim 7, heart attack 5, and a huge 317 earned him the win by just 0.13 points.

"I'm back on top Words can't describe how emotional this event was for me! It's been a crazy event and a crazy final! Thanks everyone for the support! Bring on 2017!" added Liam Whaley.

In the big air expression session final, Luis Alberto Cruz flew to the skies and executed massive double handle-pass to grab the event's trophy.

Male Elite League Results:
1: Liam Whaley
2: Carlos Mario
3: Set Teixeira
4: Stefan Spiessberger

Female Elite League Results:
1: Bruna Kajiya
2: Annabel Van Westerop
3: Francesca Bagnoli
4: Annelous Lammerts