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Liam Whaley and Karolina Winkowska Claim the 2015 VKWC Dakhla Freestyle Titles

The 2015 VKWC Dakhla World Cup gathered the best rides on earth for an amazing challenge. And the entire competition was packed with action and thrill. The last day of the event brought perfect conditions for an ideal title run.

With fans and fellow riders on the beach cheering them on, the semi finals and finals were run in both the Freestyle and Big Air events. Liam Whaley and Karolina Winkowska took the top podium spots in Freestyle and claimed the first important win of the year.

In the Big Air event, Kevin Langeree and Gisela Pulido beat out fellow competitors with the intensity and drive of a raging fire — both competitors had the desire to prove to the world that they still possessed that key element to win, which they both did with style and finesse.

Final results:

Men Freestyle:
1 – Liam Whaley (Spain)
2 – Christopher Tack (Belgium)
3 – Aaron Hadlow (United Kingdom)
4 – Youri Zoon (Netherlands)

Women Freestyle:
1 – Karolina Winkowska (Poland)
2 – Gisela Pulido (Spain)
3 – Bruna Kajiya (Brazil)
4 – Annelous Lammerts (Netherlands)

Men Big Air:
1 – Kevin Langeree (Netherlands)
2 – Marc Jacobs (New Zealand)
3 – Jesse Richman (Hawaii)

Women Big Air:
1 -Gisela Pulido (Spain)
2 -Hannah Whiteley (United Kingdom)
3 – Annelous Lammerts (Netherlands)