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Life with Friends Starring Damien LeRoy

Born in Vail, Colorado and currently living in Jupiter, Florida, Damien LeRoy was born into a family that loves action sports. His father was one of the pioneers who started the evolution of freestyle skiing and his brother is also an action sports addict. Damien himself felt this burning passion for adrenaline sports and got involved in motocross, rock climbing, skiing, biking, cliff jumping, soccer and other sports that make your heart beat faster.

He started kiteboarding in 1999 after moving to Florida, and devoted his life to this amazing sport soon after. A few years after starting practicing kiteboarding, he established himself as one of the top riders in the world. In 2011 he was voted the Kitesurfing Athlete of the Year and was awarded the Slalom World Champ Title, in 2012 he set a new Hawaiian speed record of 44.33 knots, and the list of titles and accomplishments goes on.

Damien admits that kiteboarding is his true passion and would never part from it as it fulfills him: “I am so blessed as my kiting career has taken me to places like, Israel, Australia, Greece, all over Europe, Honduras, Brazil, most islands in the Caribbean and many more. In the past 7 years I have been on the podium in many different disciplines in our sport from freestyle to course racing to speed and slalom racing.”

Perhaps the recipe for his success is that he is living his life at the maximum, alongside his family and friends. You can take a view into his world in the clip below. It is fun, packed with action and inspiring.