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Light Winds for Day 2 of the PKRA Freestyle Junior Worlds

Day two of the PKRA Freestyle Junior World Championships offered little contestable wind, as gusty up and down conditions persisted. Over the course of the day, one heat was completed and many heats were abandoned as the wind failed to hold despite the favorable forecast.

After the great freestyle conditions of yesterday’s thermal breeze, riders were amped to continue on with the competition. With conditions expected to be strongest in the morning, the rider’s meeting was held at 9:00 am with the anticipation of getting underway early. Under ominous clouds, the cool Tramontane winds were blowing lightly side-offshore to the beach. By 10:30 the winds had increased, prompting the start of heats. However, the breeze dropped off soon after, as riders struggled to stay in the competition area on their 11-13m kites.

The wind continued its game of cat and mouse throughout most of the day, reaching contestable levels at times, only to drop during the heat.  Riders remained patiently on hold and passed the time playing games in the sand, swimming, preparing their kites and making the most of another day at the beach.

In the heat that was completed, Guy Bridge advanced over Lucas Vergez in a close contest with both riders landing high-level tricks. Highlights included a Blind Judge and S1 from Bridge and an 313 and Blind Judge 3 from Vergez, amongst others.

In the afternoon, the sky began to drizzle a light rain and the wind dropped even more. The local crew confirmed that it was highly unlikely the wind would return and at 2:45 pm, the decision was made to release the riders for the day.

The first clinic of the event will begin tomorrow morning at 10:00, covering the topics of sponsorship, social media, and video/photo shoots. Hopes are high to resume the competition in the afternoon as the forecast expects a chance of late afternoon thermal winds.