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Liquid Force Intros the Wow Wave Kite

The Wow is Liquid Force’s new waveriding weapon, a kite that can bring your wildest dreams to life. It allows you tackle all sorts of wave with ease and explore new dimensions of the discipline. Engineered using the latest technology and the best fabrics, the Wow gives you the precision and freedom needed to position yourself right where you want to be to experience a true surf feel.

The Wow delivers silky smooth sheet-and-go power delivery, exceptional maneuverability, and instant response. But it also offers excellent lift for big boost and long glide, pivotal looping for air transitions and gentle down-loop landings, features that makes it a reliable freeride machine too.

Whether you’re looking to log laps at your favorite break, or wanting all-time freeride fun, this kite will WOW you with its next-level performance. You can check it out in action in the clip below.