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Living the Dream with the Slingshot Crew

Living The Dream or LTD is a production house which documents the lives of surfers and kitesurfers Patrick Rebstock, Ian Alldredge and Bear Karry in a series of cool and action packed events. Living The Dream crew follows them across the world, as they venture in wave smashing adventures and conquer the seas and oceans.

The latest Living The Dream production follows Patrick Rebstock and James Ropner as they explore the rugged coastlines of Europe in search of wind and waves. They are equipped with the latest Slingshot gear: the 2013 Rally, RPM and EPX Celeritas, and ready for whatever.

The crew is now exploring Portugal, and then they will be off to Spain, France, Italy, Austria, England and Ireland, in search of perfect waves and awesome thrills. Check out the LTD Euro tour in the related videos section below.