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Marc Ramseier Takes the Reo for a Spin

Hailing from Switzerland, Marc Ramseier, aka Marley, started riding more than a decade ago and loves waves and snow. As he says, he likes every aspect of kiting, no matter what board he rides and he always finds something to appreciate about kiteboarding.

He is a proud member of team Ozone. And since one of his favorite kitesurfing styles is waveriding, you can imagine that the Reo is the kite to match his skills. As you already know, the Reo is an amazing wave machine, with awesome drift, turn and slack line abilities, developed especially for surf.

Marc won many important titles in world class competitions so far. And to achieve this level of performance, he trains hard. Fuerteventura, Maui and Indonesia are just a few of his favorite training spots. Indonesia is one of the places he loves the most. And he recently took the new Ozone Reo for a Spin in the beautiful Indonesian wave.

Here’s what he says about the 2014 Reos: “I have been riding the Reos from the first year on and I was blown away already then by the great mix of waveriding relevant kite characteristics. It is a hell of a job improving this kite but yet again Ozone were able to further fine-tune the 2014 edition, for example by incorporating a bit more low end into it, while maintaining the great depower and unique turning characteristics the Reo is famous for. I couldn't imagine a better kite to surf waves with. When you're riding in waves it's essential to have a kite that does exactly what it's supposed to do so that you can concentrate on the waves and commit to surf them as pure and safe as possible.”
You can check out Marc riding the Reo in the action packed video below.