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Megalodon Starring Lewis Crathern and Sam Medysky

Several life threatening shark attacks took place in the beautiful waters of Cape Town over the last years. Water sports enthusiasts as well as other beach users were attacked by these creatures and the attacks resulted in unfortunate consequences more than once.

Huge sharks were spotted in the area on several occasions, but this was not enough to keep riders such as Lewis Crathern and Sam Medysky away from the South African waters. They know they have what it takes to conquer all and can even go against a Megalodon, the biggest prehistoric shark.

Lewis Crathern is the English Best team rider who jumped the Brighton pier and Canadian kiteboarder Sam Medysky also knows everything about boosting big time. The two of them make a great team as they battle against strong winds, mega sharks and throw some massive jumps, loops and kicker hits. And you can check it all out in the clip below.