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Mexico Sessions with Dave Tyburski

Dave Tyburski grew away from the waves and wind but always had a passion for them. After graduating university with a degree in marine biology, David moved to Northern California to explore the waves of the Northwest Pacific.
He started windsurfing, but only a year and a half later the photo of a kiteboarder shredding the waves inspired him to try this new sport. And he discovered that kiteboarding is his true passion. He relocated to Hood River, Oregon soon after and started riding on a regular basis.

In 2000 he founded New Wind Kiteboarding Schools and soon became one of the best instructors in the world as well as the founder and icon of one of the most professional kiteboarding schools. He also took part in several world class events, claiming important titles. Today, he is recognized as a pioneer, innovator and top athlete in the sport of kiteboarding.

You can check out what Dave can do with a kite and board and how he enjoys lifein the clip below. Watch him as he escapes the winter months from his home in Hood River, Oregon to shift gears and live away from it all. Traveling down dirt roads, riding away from the crowds, spear fishing for your own food – it’s a simple life but it's a life worth living.